Alfi guitar lessons music teacher.jpg

Alfi Dallaway

Alfi has a Bachelor of Creative arts with a Graduate Diploma of Education. He is an accomplished musician with 10 years of experience. Working as a session musician he is a confident contemporary guitarist and offers tuition catered to the students style.

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Lily Parker

Lily has a Bachelor of Music and Graduate Diploma of Education. She offers tuition in contemporary singing styles including pop, rock, jazz & blues for beginners to advanced students. She also offers classical and contemporary piano tuition for beginners & intermediate students.

Venessa singing lessons teacher.jpg

Ness Quinn

Ness has an Advance Diploma in Popular Music and Performance. She is a qualified and experienced teacher with over 10 years experience. She is trained in both contemporary and classical methods and teaches students a blend of both.

Troy - piano lessons music teacher.jpg

Troy Hambly

Troy completed his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Piano with First Class Honors in 2001. Troy is a confident and active educator with an extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for the piano and can take students to professional standards.